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For Therapists

Doing Grief Right

Every time I come to a conference I am touched by the stories I hear, particularly from other therapists. Today was one of those moments. I met someone whose friend lost a loved one, and the intimate partner of the loved one was being treated less than kindly by the extended circle because they chose…

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When your client is facing a chosen death

I have had contact with a number of people online who have faced a loved one with terminal illness and chose to end their life before their illness ended it for them. Some are aware it is coming, others have already experienced the loss. How do you help your client in moments such as that?…

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Grieving lost sexual intimacy

My recent research has been about grieving sexuality during a terminal illness and after the death of an intimate partner. There is very little published data about this, and the data that does exist suggests that neither hospice staff nor grief therapists, or even friends, consider this something to be discussed. The sad part, for…

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Grief for Therapists- when it happens to you

When grief happens- and you still have to be a therapist I had the opportunity to record a podcast with Kelly Higdon, LMFT, of Zinny Me. We talked about what happens when grief happens and you are working- something that happens far to often, and is frequently not a topic amongst therapists. In fact, on…

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More, and more, and more shootings

It’s been such a long two weeks, hasn’t it? Parkland, Florida. A university yesterday. Families. Domestic violence. Two more schools after Parkland. Scenes of Pulse survivors helping Parkland survivors along with Columbine survivors and Sandy Hook parents and comfort dogs. As a therapist, have you been hit with the impact of all of this? I’m…

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What Therapists Say Matters To Our Grieving Clients

I’m sure you just read that title and replied in your head “Of course it does!” Why would I even think about writing a blog for therapists presupposing that they did not know that core piece of the therapeutic relationship? When you run a practice based largely on grief and loss, you get to hear…

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Grief from the (Flexible) Therapist’s Chair

I’ve had the opportunity to spend the last several days at he Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim, California. We are surrounded by upwards of 6,000 fellow therapists of all kinds- psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers (go my team!), clinical counselors, marriage and family therapists, and students and interns of all sorts. I think I have…

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