Grief for Therapists- when it happens to you

When grief happens- and you still have to be a therapist

I had the opportunity to record a podcast with Kelly Higdon, LMFT, of Zinny Me. We talked about what happens when grief happens and you are working- something that happens far to often, and is frequently not a topic amongst therapists. In fact, on a couple of therapist discussion threads just this week there have been therapists talking about how to cope with the loss of a client, or tragedy in their families and balancing that with client needs.

Here’s the deal- we are not superheroes. We’re human. In my own practice in the last month or so we have had a beloved parent die, another spouse have a major medical incident, and several deaths amongst our clients. All of that creates stress for our staff, and a need to work on the stuff of grief and loss, and other losses that come up with it. I’ve done a lot of grief education for staff. I’ve loaned out some books. I’ve been a sounding board. I’ve been glad to approve time off for those who recognized a need for down time.

I’d like to invite you to listen in and take what you may need from this interview.