Grief for Therapists

Your Path Through Grief can be a support for clients, and a referral source

Doing grief as a therapist means getting comfortable with talking about death and dying, and being able to listen to your client's story, without trying to make it better. It means integrating their other losses into the process, and to support them as they make progress through their grief, rather than staying in it. NOt everyone can do grief work. If it's not for you, your client needs someone who is able to do the work. It's not a negative for a therapist to say it's outside their wheelhouse- all of us have specialities, and grief is absolutely one that requires training, being in a comfort zone with the issues involved, and able to remain healthy while doing work that can be physically and emotionally draining.

This program is not a replacement for therapy. That would not only be wrong, it would be unethical. This is a program that provides a safe space for grievers to meet online, without anyone seeing what they say except others in the program. It has education to normalize their grief process- because grief is frequently described as making grievers feel "crazy."

For therapists, this program can be a supplement when you see grieving clients who need additional support as they work on their process with you. It can also be a referral resource for those potential clients who are not yet ready to come in to see you, but test the waters by calling and doing a test drive by phone. This is a way to offer them an interim link, and it can create a relationship with you that may draw them back to you for the work they need to do in individual counseling. This is a resource, not a replacement for therapy.

Therapists who come to this page will find blogs and videos to support you in your work with clients who are facing a recent death. I hope you will find this page, and the program, helpful in your work.

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