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Your Private Facebook Group

Your place to talk with others on this path

Why Facebook?

I chose Facebook to host our private area to talk as a group for several reasons:

  • It's easy to access, even from your phone
  • It's completely private. I control who is allowed to be in the group, and only members will be there. Your family and friends cannot see what you are saying. The group is "secret" on FB. That means private.
  • Many people are used to using FB, and it's easy to both comment and post pictures.

How to access your group

Please visit Our Path Through Grief on Facebook. If it's been more than 48 hours since you signed up for the program and you have not received your invitation, please contact us. When you first registered with this program, we requested your Facebook identity. If you provided it you will receive an invitation on FB to join. If we do not have that information, we would ask that you send it to us so we can link you to it and send you the invitation to join. After that, it will be attached to your FB page. Even though it will appear on your newsfeed, it will NOT appear on the newsfeed of anyone else unless they are in the group. It is 100% private.

The moderator's role

As the moderator I will watch the conversations occurring daily, and I will step in to add relevant information or offer extra help if it looks like it might be helpful. The group is there for you to talk with others who are on the same journey, but I'm there if someone needs an extra bit. Usually the group simply gives you space to share thoughts, vent a little, compare experiences, and find ways that others have found to cope with the same things you are.

Page ettiquette

Participating in a FB group is not complicated, but there are a few rules just to keep it safe for everyone, and a positive experience. They are:

  • Confidentiality - nobody shares what's said in group outside of the group
  • No excessively foul language. Everyone is an adult, and sometimes things are said for emphasis, but don't get ugly.
  • Criticism of anyone else's grief process is not okay. It's just that simple.
  • Posts are not to be shared outside of the group.