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Videos About Grief

In case you can't sleep

I have created videos exclusively for this program to provide grief education, support, and help with coping during the hard parts and when you can’t sleep. They are not purchased from another party- they were made with my experience as a grief therapist and a survivor- just like you. You may find them quirky- because I am a bit offbeat, and I use humor as much as possible to cope with the hard stuff. But I am also clear and to the point about the things all of us need to hear when we are recovering from a big loss.

You don't feel like yourself right now. You are tired and you're usually the Energizer Bunny. Your appetite is off. You don't want to eat. Or all you want is carbs and sweets. You can't sleep, or stay asleep, or both. You're a little crabby, mostly because you can't sleep. You forget things you never forget. You can't stand the thought of a family birthday party or dinner out with your best friends. It's too hard to put on a smile and make them feel better about how you're doing. You finally decide to have the friends over so you don't have to face a restaurant but you need groceries, but you don't have enough gas to get to the store. You know you need gas, but on the way to the gas station you hear a song, and it makes you cry. You focus on making the tears stop and cleaning your face, and try to head back to the store, forgetting the gas again. You now feel like you are never going to get your life together again- ever. You simply want to curl up and be left alone, except you don't, and your family will worry.

Why are you feeling this way? You have entered the GriefZone. Do you remember the old TV series "The Twilight Zone?" Rod Serling would warn you that you were about to enter another dimension, one with new sights and sounds and one where everything you know isn't what you know. That's your GriefZone. It's the same life, but different. Yours is different from everyone else's. We all share some experiences there, but it's individual. It makes you feel out of place when you are in a familiar place or environment. And we usually don't share the experiences because we don't want to worry someone, or look like we are not "coping." The reality is that you are coping. You're still here. This feeling? It's normal.

The videos here are simply here to remind you that this is all normal, and that it's okay. My guess is many folks will be watching late at night or early in the morning, before the dawn. Why? Because, like the Twilight Zone, it happens most at night. We don't sleep well, we awaken to the moment we remember our loved one died I hope they will help you right now, and whenever you need them.

Guided imagery- helping you rest or relax

Guided Imagery... what does that sound like?

It's a chance to simply let your thoughts clear. I will talk you through some scenes of solitude and peace, suggesting breathing patterns to calm your breath and thought process. They are set in places I find serene, places where I can let go of my concerns and worries and simply be.

I hope you will find your time at the ocean, on a country path, and alongside a stream relaxing, and that your shoulders will drop, your breath will slow, your muscles will become less tense, and you will focus on the sound of my voice and the places I take you.

Use these when life is stressful or you are having difficulty with sleep. It will take no more than 5 to 7 minutes. I promise.

Taking care of you

Sometimes we just need to hear that we're doing okay. Maybe not great. Maybe your'e not feeling this will ever end. It will. I promise.

  • I can't tell you when.
  • I can't tell you what your world will look like when you reach the other side
  • I can tell you the missing never stops- but it does get better
  • I can tell you eventually your thoughts will clear and sooner than later you will find moments of joy in your day
  • I can tell you it feels better to hear that in the hardest moments. 

The videos here are short, and designed for you in the moments you need to know that recovery from grief is your goal, and that it's okay to want to have some happy back in your life- if even for a moment. I hope they will meet you where you are, and will give you something to look forward to in your path through grief.


This a new tool that can help teach you to calm your mind and settle your thoughts. There is a vast body of research that connects meditation and health, both for brain and body fitness. Meditation has been shown to change our brains in a positive way by boosting our immune system, reduce pain, decrease anxiety, increase concentration, focus and compassion and help us heal in our grief. This Muse is a wonderful tool that you can use at home to help you get started today to begin that calming process. If you would like to purchase one check it out on the product page.