Who We Are

Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW

Creator of Your Path Through Grief, Certified Grief Recovery Facilitator, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Let me introduce myself, and why I wrote this program

I created Your Path Through Grief because there were no programs that walked with a survivor from Day One to the end of the first year. Yes, there are some nice emails that may come daily, but they are not written by a grief expert, and they don't touch the process of grief and recovery.

As a former hospice medical social worker, a therapist, a Grief Recovery Facilitator, and, most importantly, as someone who has walked this walk, those did not fit for me. They also did not help the folks I worked with- they felt like happy thoughts, not helping hands.

I also wanted a program that was distinctly not faith based. That's not to say that those who have a strong faith tradition should not rest heavily on that after a loss. But I wanted something that allowed for those who do not share a faith, or who are angry and can't connect with their faith after the devastation of a loss. You will not find this to be anti-religious, but you will not find suggestions based on an assumed faith.

In my work I have found that the majority of those who have had a loss will not attend a grief support group. They don't want to share in a group, or they don't have time, or they have attended and found that those attending are not making progress out of their grief. If that's you, this is for you.

I've lost two spouses, and more. I do not believe in sitting in grief for what seems like forever. I believe in working through the leftovers and making my loved one a part of the new life I am having to create. I bring them with. It's not "getting over it," it's working through it. No stages, no steps, none of that.

If that sounds right for you, we are a good match. I have years of experience as a hospice medical social worker and bereavement services counselor and director in Florida and California. I'm certified by the Grief Recovery Program as a Grief Recovery Facilitator, and I'm in private practice in Riverside, California.

Loss isn't what defines us- what we do with it does.

Meet Jill, and Adell