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Our Grief Workbook

Our Grief Workbook

Your Own Path Through Grief
A workbook for your journey to recovery

Jill A. Johnson – Young, LCSW

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This is your grief workbook. I created it to provide a framework for you to do the work to move from where you are now into the beginning stages of recovering and into a newer life.

This is not going to resolve it all. It’s not magic. It’s work. It’ naming the loss, what it means, what it has changed, and what you now want or need to change. For me, that process is also one of self-discovery, and finding a way to incorporate my loved one who died into my life in a meaningful way.

There are exercises to learn to manage challenges, and to help you develop the vocabulary you need to explain your loss if you need to.

This book is used best when downloaded and printed. Hand writing responses, and having it handy when you are ready, in a comfortable place, and relaxed enough to allow the thoughts to come is important (at least for me)