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What Therapists Say Matters To Our Grieving Clients

I’m sure you just read that title and replied in your head “Of course it does!” Why would I even think about writing a blog for therapists presupposing that they did not know that core piece of the therapeutic relationship? When you run a practice based largely on grief and loss, you get to hear…

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Grief from the (Flexible) Therapist’s Chair

I’ve had the opportunity to spend the last several days at he Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim, California. We are surrounded by upwards of 6,000 fellow therapists of all kinds- psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers (go my team!), clinical counselors, marriage and family therapists, and students and interns of all sorts. I think I have…

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What not to say to grieving clients

A new client arrives, and during your first session they disclose that they have had a recent death and are there for grief support. What words come to mind? What should you say? More importantly, what should you not say? In my practice, I give lots of space, and have them tell their story. No…

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Taking care of yourself when a client is dying

Self-care is a big topic in the world of therapists and mental health providers. It should be- we cannot do our best when we are not at our best. As a former hospice social worker, I am comfortable working with clients who come to me with a terminal illness, or who become ill while we…

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The legal preparation for death

As a therapist, you are in a unique position when a client is facing their own death or that of a loved one. You may have the only safe space where they can talk out all that is going on around them without fear of anyone else hearing their thoughts and reactions. That can be…

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When a therapist faces a dying client- what do you do?

As therapists, we are trained in theories to help clients work through issues and to recover from a variety of concerns. We can address trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD,… you name it, we have a theory, and our goal is recovery. Always recovery. Resolution. In a time-limited and measurable progression. Then along comes a client whose…

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