Your Path Through Grief

What "Your Path Through Grief" will provide as you walk through this year

This program was designed with you in mind. It comes from years of experience with hospice families, and as a survivor of loss from a personal perspective.

There are lots of programs for grieving people out there. Most are focused on allowing time to grieve, and being part of a grieving community. This is somewhat like that. Yes, you need time to grieve. You need to be in a community where you feel understood. But this program is also about recovering from your loss, and working through the leftovers after the loss to allow you to restart your life- even if you are not prepared to, don't want to, and can't fathom that idea. I want you to take the time you need, but to use that time wisely. The time spent in grief is an investment in your next chapter in your life.

Your Path Through Grief is a comprehensive program. It includes education - lots and lots of education. You'll receive emails every other day that were written to be timely for where you probably are in your journey. I hope you will look in your inbox and find a thought and an idea that is relevant and helpful, and maybe even hopeful. There will also be a weekly blog posted on this site for you. They will be educational as well- normalizing the feelings and experiences you are having.

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"It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
My mom says some days are like that."
- Judith Viorst, in Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day